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本公司声学实验室正在做CNAS认证 (中国合格评定国家认可委员会) 申请工作,在未来取得CNAS实验室认证后,将加强与国内有关研究院所和实验室的合作研究和交流,更好的为国内同行业企业提供科研以及技术与决策支持服务,推动行业的发展。

    The laboratory is aimed at measuring the sound absorption and insulation properties of small test pieces in the normal incidence condition. It is mainly used as comparison test in the study process of material and structure.
    The acoustics laboratory is applying for the CNAS (China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment) certification. After the CNAS laboratory certification awarded, we shall enhance cooperative research and exchange with the relevant research institutes and laboratories in China, and provide better scientific research, technical and decision-making support services for industrial enterprises in China to boost the industry development.