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◆6月,内部月刊 “正升报”正式发刊,标志着正升在企业文化建设方面迈出了坚实的一步。



Year 2003
◆ Business philosophy: to enhance technological improvement of existing products, to strengthen the business expansion of existing products, to create new growth points through marketing new products, and to set the order sales targeted at RMB20.00 million again.
◆ In March, the company won the High-tech Enterprise certificate issued by Science & Technology Department of Sichuan Province.
◆ In April, the newly developed power-end sound reduction hood, sound insulation curtain, sound absorption shield and other new produces and structures were used in the noise control projects for the negative22 well; the noise control technology made a great leap again.
◆ In June, the, “ZISEN Newspaper”, an internal monthly periodical was issued officially, which symbolized ZISEN tooking a solid step on the construction of enterprise culture.
◆ In December, the all-around improvement and technical promotion of the dehydration plant was finished, and the product refreshing vitality.