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 Year 2014
◆ On April 15, 2014, the “Key Laboratory of Sichuan Province for Environmental Noise and Vibration” of ZISEN passed the validation and assessment of the expert panel of Sichuan Environmental Protection Department. This laboratory is playing a significant role in the innovation and breakthrough of noise and vibration control technology, promotion of academic exchange and talent trainings, and promotion of the scientific and technological innovation capacity of Sichuan province in the field.
◆ On May 26, 2014, ZISEN College was established to train professional technicians and integrated management personnel, help ZISEN to establish a talent team, provide lecturers with a platform for showing off talents, and boost its development.
◆ On May 28, 2014, Sichuan Environmental Technology Industry Meeting & Environmental Consulting Committee Work Meeting 2014 was convened in Chengdu Jinhe Hotel. Sichuan ZISEN Acoustics Technology Co., Ltd., as an environmental protection backbone in Sichuan province, was invited to attend the meeting. The letter of appointment by Sichuan Provincial Environmental protection Department employing the ZISEN company’s chief consultant Jia Hexiang as an expert of Acoustic Environment & Nuclear Radiation Committee, and the red heading documents were issued; and the title of “Key Laboratory of Sichuan Province for Environmental Noise and Vibration” was awarded to ZISEN.
◆ On June 30, 2014, Detailed Rules Regarding Brand Management of Sichuan ZISEN Acoustics Technology Co., Ltd. were officially promulgated, which covers the basic brand information, system division, brand personalization and orientation, brand’s external image and other management concerns. It will not only specify and instruct the ZISEN brand management, but also help ZISEN to promote and maintain ZISEN brand correctly, and solidify brand competitiveness in the business promotion process.