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Noise problems

    The noise resulted from urban rail transit system can be classified into wheeltrack noise, vehicle non-power noise , traction power system noise, elevated rail noise, ground bearing noise of underground railway and of passenger station’s population noise in terms of its sources. To solve the urban rail transit  noise problems is a comprehensive engineering system.
    The noise of the metro ventilation & air-conditioning system is mainly resulted from tunnel blower/exhaust fan (TVF), hot air exhaust blower fan (TEF), tunnel jet fan, return/exhaust fan, fresh air fan, combination air conditioner, air supply/discharge fan, outdoor cooling tower and train.


    The acoustic shield can be used to reduce the noise pollution for the local environment sensitive to noise.
    According to the spectral characteristic of the noise source, the tube-type muffler, metal-enclosure muffler, structural-type muffler can be equipped before and after the noise reduction devices. The cooling tower, due to diversified installation environment, can be addressed using corresponding noise control measures. Through reasonable noise control means, an optimum noise reduction result can be achieved at minimum cost.