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        The competition among modern companies lies in comprehensive strength viewing technological innovation as its core. It is of particular importance for ZISEN Acoustics to enhance technological development and organizational management, which aims at pushing forward technological innovation and maintaining its competitive advantage in market. Meanwhile, ZISEN Acoustics attaches emphasis on technical innovation and new product development, implements the “production + study + research” united technical innovation strategy, in an effort to establish 3 innovation systems including school + enterprise cooperative innovation, autonomous innovation and peer united innovation. ZISEN Acoustics is dedicated to creating an open, multi-channel, multilevel and 360º development and research platform, while establishing a strategic cooperation relationship with many well-known acoustic consulting companies in the world.

ZISEN owns 73 intellectual properties. 
11 invention patents, 57 utility models and 5 appearance patents.


Technical achievements

◆ ZISEN participated in the compilation of an industrial standard, Design Code for Noise and Vibration Control Engineering.
◆ ZISEN participated in translation of Engineering Noise Control, by the professor Colin Hansen of The University of Adelaide.
◆ ZISEN participated in the compilation of Manual of Model Selection of Noise Control Materials and Equipment, by the professor LV Yuheng from China Shipbuilding 9th Engineering Research Institute.