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Architecture noise control
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Noise problems

     In the civil building, the electromechanical noise (from fan, heat pump, air conditioner, cooling tower and water pump) and traffic noise in social life may cause a certain impact on surrounding citizens.


    To the noise from fan, heat pump, air conditioner, cooling tower and water pump in the civil building and commercial complex, the specific noise control measures can be taken in accordance with the actual conditions and the appropriate noise control mode. 
    For the residential environment noise, the final solution can be made according to the actual conditions, monitoring and test results, and the noise control can be performed via walls, doors and windows. For the social life and traffic noise, the vibrator damper, muffler, sound insulation door, sound insulation window, sound-insulation ventlight, sound insulation module and other noise reduction equipments can be used to achieve tranquility in civil building.